Breathtaking vistas and challenging terrain make for an exceptional day on the links. The design of the par 72, 6,549-yard 18-hole course captures the beauty of its mountain setting.

HOLE 1 – Par 4

Pro Tip – Challenging first hole with trouble on all sides. Be careful that you don’t carry the fairway or water with your tee shot. You may want to hit one or two clubs less.

HOLE 2 – Par 4

Pro Tip – Your drive on this hole demands precision. The water on the right can be reached from the tee. The trees on the left side can block your second shot.

HOLE 3 – Par 4

Pro Tip – Get it “over the hump”. The fairway begins at the top of the hill, so aim right down the middle.

HOLE 4 – Par 4

Pro Tip – Don’t over swing! This long downhill Par 4 demands a straight tee shot. Both left and right can be trouble.

HOLE 5 – Par 5

Pro Tip – Dogleg left, favor the right center off the tee. The left side can cause trouble off of the tee. Don’t lay up with too much club on your second shot because the water at the end of the fairway can come into play.

HOLE 6 – Par 4

Pro Tip – Sharp dogleg left, long hitters can cut the corner. This is the shortest Par 4 but it plays longer since it’s uphill. An errant second shot to this small green leaves a difficult save for par.

HOLE 7 – Par 3

Pro Tip – Use enough club to reach this uphill Par 3. Shots to the left side are almost certain disaster.

HOLE 8 – Par 5

Pro Tip – The fairway slopes right to left, favor the right side off the tee. You need to score here! Reachable in two for many hitters, but the well protected elevated green demands some touch.

HOLE 9 – Par 3

Pro Tip – A left pin placement is difficult to get close to. Hit to the middle and be happy with a par before you make the turn.

HOLE 10 – Par 4

Pro Tip – The water comes into play on this narrow fairway! A long uphill second shot makes this a tough hole. A par is a good start to the back nine.

HOLE 11 – Par 3

Pro Tip – The green is large; front to back can be a 2 or 3 club difference. Pay attention to the pin placement.

HOLE 12 – Par 4

Pro Tip – Your drive is key. Keep it in play on this long Par 4. Your second shot is helped by the large green.

HOLE 13 – Par 5

Pro Tip – Forget about this in two; the second shot is blind even for the longest hitters. Play it smart for a shot at birdie.

HOLE 14 – Par 4

Pro Tip – The left side is doom so keep it right! The green and the pin are well protected by bunkers. Par is all you need here.

HOLE 15 – Par 3

Pro Tip – The well protected green makes this a tough uphill Par 3 (especially from the tips).

HOLE 16 – Par 5

Pro Tip – A good shot off the tee almost assures you par. Keep it left if you want to reach the green in two.

HOLE 17 – Par 4

Pro Tip – Right is a disaster. Keep it left for a shot at par on this long Par 4.

HOLE 18 – Par 4

Pro Tip – Watch the water on the left; it’s reachable with an errant drive. Keep it in play and your second shot will be into a large elevated green.

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